In 2020, MBF held two virtual series of 15-session Small Business Training (SBT) workshops for minority-owned business. SBT workshops provide business owners with essential tools and skills to grow their companies including compliance, intellectual property, hiring, policies and procedures, real estate, contracts, direct sales and marketing, bookkeeping, finances, minority certification, and accessing capital. Each session consists of two hours of training and discussion. Each specialty is taught by an expert in that field. In 2020, fifty-eight participants graduated from MBF’s Small Business Training. A total of 373 have graduated to date.

In 2018, seeing the need for more in-depth training in some of the subjects covered in the SBT workshops, MBF partnered with SBDC at FIU to hold a series of four in-depth financial workshops and three in-depth marketing workshops. In 2020, forty-five entrepreneurs completed these workshops with a total to date of 225.

“In these uncertain times, where some businesses have been hit hard, it is a relief for the entrepreneur to have all this information at hand from real sources who are willing to collaborate.”

Shirley Cano
Rezglo LLC D/B/A Design Tours

“MBF’s Small Business Training provided me with a plethora of useful tools to help my business grow. It allowed me to meet small business owners experiencing the same challenges and similar business concerns as I did. The course content is incredibly useful and once applied it has taken my business to another level. I strongly recommend minority small business owners make the time to attend this training. “

Maggie Chery
Chery’s Financial Services LLC

Program was a wonderful gift to receive, and I am honored to have been chosen to participate. The program was a great compilation of invaluable and applicable information for all entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses.”

Natalia Chinea
Natalia Chinea Designs, Inc.

“Our organization is forever grateful to MBF for their Small Business Training. We received real-time training that was authentic and passionate in its presentation. MBF provided networking opportunities which created lifelong partnerships and business collaborations. MBF has embedded the foundations of business skills in the core of our organization.”

Shandra Mallary
International Provisions Outreach Corporation

“MBF’s Small Business Training helped my business to develop a cash management system, payroll system, and understand the important of doing business with Amazon and the government. Overall, I gained insight, knowledge, contacts, and strategies on how to take my business to the next level. I would suggest this program to anyone starting a business.”

Olajide Wilkerson
Illusion Industries LLC D/B/A Hairs Goddess Boutique


In September 2020, MBF, in partnership with the Truist Foundation, launched an in-depth training program aimed at empowering minority owned businesses, impacted by COVID-19, to use digital marketing to pivot and grow their businesses. Two cohorts, each made up of 35 small business owners, were selected to participate in this program.

Program participants attended twenty-eight hours of virtual sessions on the following seven topics: Marketing Principles, Marketing Strategies, Amazon, Website, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. After completion of the sessions, program participants received one-on-one mentoring sessions with their choice of three of the five platform experts. A total of 467 hours of one-on-one mentoring were completed.

Upon successful competition of the virtual sessions and one-on-one mentoring, The Truist Foundation awarded each small business a grant they could use for digital marketing implementation. Alongside digital marketing experts, grants were invested in website design, Instagram and Facebook clean-up, video creation, and other valuable digital marketing services. Over $250,000 in grants were awarded for implementation.

“Thank you for your time and talent dedicated to helping our small businesses grow. The assistance and encouragement were very helpful during these difficult times.”

Ashley Arkels
Sparkles Inc.

“I can’t thank MBF and Truist enough for this opportunity. The format, objectives, and deliverables were all professionally done. There was so much information and resources shared. The impact is forthcoming, and I expect it to be exponential.”

Harold Silva
Claudia’s Flowers, LLC

“I appreciate the opportunity I was given to participate in this enriching series. This program made me a better marketer and entrepreneur. I am very thankful for this and I look forward future MBF programs.”

Veroniva Barillas
Barillas Building LLC

“I am so grateful for this program and the dedication of each mentor doing their best to help my business succeed. Thank you!”

Erika Olmedo
Communikids, LLC

“This program was great, and words cannot justify the need small businesses have for it.”

Lorenzo Perez Jr.
Premier International Properties, Inc.

“This was one of the best programs I have ever participated in. The grant was only a plus! Thank you MBF and Truist.”

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