305 Vacations, LLC
Adam Dunshee
First Citizens Bank

Freedom Flag & Banner Company
Italian House of Pizza
Juneau Construction Company, LLC

Platinium Parking East LLC


A to Z Statewide Plumbing
Ashley Arkels
Basil Binns
Sonia Canessa-Gonzalez
Benito Carmona
Berkowitz Realty Group
Josiana Legido Correa

DEC Parking
Fritz Geitner, Inc.
Andrew Gordon
Interstate Cleaning Corporation
David Kurland
Nathan & Cecilia Kurland
Louis McMillian

Photography by Depuhl
Hank Sanchez-Resnik
SRP Communications and Brand Design
Virgin Vandervlugt
Tom and Marie-Ilene Whitehurst


Advancing economic development in Miami can come only as a result of multiple organizations and individuals working together toward a common goal. By partnering with MBF, you have the opportunity to impact job creation, encourage economic development, support tomorrow’s leaders and improve the future of Miami. To learn more about partnership opportunities or to donate to MBF, please contact: Executive Director, Kathleen Murphy at

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