In 2016, Commissioner Willy Gort granted MBF funds from his Anti-Poverty Initiative Funds to provide scholarships, including tuition assistance and stipends, for residents in District 1 pursuing technical education programs and associate degrees with high job placement rates at Miami Dade College, Lindsey Hopkins Technical College, and George T. Baker Aviation Technical College. Subsequently, Commissioner Gort very generously granted his API funds to MBF in 2017 and again in 2019. Gort Scholarships are also awarded to graduating high school (M-DCPS) seniors attending college.

“Thank you for empowering us to continue in the pursuit of higher education. This award helps us stay focused on school. I greatly appreciate it.”

Josue Barrera
Miami Dade Colllege
Nursing – Graduating 2022

“I really do not have the words to express how deeply thankful I am for this opportunity. 2020 has been a rough year for a lot of people including myself. However, having this financial help really helped me focus on my goal of pursuing a career and not dropping out of school because of money. Having this opportunity has given me stability. I want to keep going. I want to become a professional. And I feel I am in the right track to pursue that dream. It wouldn’t have been possible without this. I want to say than you again and I deeply appreciate it.”

Michelle Contreras
Miami Dade College
Paralegal Studies – Graduating 2021

“I would like to thank Commissioner Gort and everyone at MBF for providing me this scholarship because it allowed me to keep moving forward with my program which would allow me to work in the medical field and help other people.”

Sebastian Reyes
Miami Dade College
Radiology – Graduate 2020

“Your scholarship helped me out because it accepted me, and I managed to use your scholarship for my textbooks, which are seriously expensive. It is thanks to your organization that I am able to attend college still. My family doesn’t make a ton of cash, so this money is helping me and my family stay afloat during these hard times. You, and the American Dream Scholarship, are the only reasons I am in college right now. It would’ve been impossible for me otherwise. Thank you so much for this money, and for accepting me into your scholarship. I greatly appreciate it.”

Borys Rodriguez
Miami Dade College
Arts – Graduating 2022

I have always wanted to pursue my college degree and become an attorney, but I placed my education on hold when I became legal guardian to my brother and sister, whom I later adopted. Now they are adults, and my son is a teenager, and I can focus on my education. The tuition assistance has been a Godsend. This has allowed me to focus on my education and family without the financial burden. Commissioner Gort, I want to take this time to thank you for all that you do for this community and for the scholarship fund.”

Krystle Cardenas
Miami Dade College
Paralegal Studies – Graduating 2021

“MBF & Commissioner Gort, I want to share with you the feeling of butterflies I get in my stomach thinking of that day when I will start my first job, in my PTA uniform, with a badge clipped on, going to that first patient and introducing myself, doing my best work for that person to feel better and to regain hope. I have been a patient myself and had the amazing experience, after feeling hopeless, of meeting great healthcare professionals who touched my life and gave me back hope and healed me. I want to be that professional. Studying hard to take home all the knowledge possible is the key! I am immensely thankful for your help for this dream to come true.”

Valentina Ferrari
Miami Dade College
Physical Therapy – Graduating 2021

“I want to sincerely thank Commissioner Gort and the Miami Bayside Foundation for providing this scholarship. I am very grateful, especially in a year like this, to even be considered for a scholarship. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with the assistance. This semester I will be using the scholarship for my nursing bag with medical supplies I need for rotations at the hospitals, my spring books, lab fees, and if possible fix my laptop since the lectures are online now. Thank you so much”

Raveen Johnson
Miami Dade College
Nursing – Graduating 2021

“Thank you! I want to simply live a better life than what I am used to now. I would like to be one of those professionals who give back to the community with the skills obtained during my studies.”

Alejandra Cruz
Miami Dade College
Architecture – Graduating 2021

“Thanks to this scholarship I am able to follow my dreams of becoming a speech pathologist to help children from all over the world.”

Aileen Perdomo
Miami Dade College
Communications – Graduating 2022

“Thank you so much for allowing me to achieve my dreams and go to school.”

Brianna Delisle
Miami Dade College
Business Administration – Graduating 2021

“Thank you, Miami Bayside Foundation and Commissioner Gort, for the assistance and the financial help you’re providing me with for college. Not everyone gets a scholarship opportunity, and I am grateful for that.”

Carlos Villatoro
Miami Dade College
Computer Science – Graduating 2021

“MBF and Commissioner Gort, your help is a blessing for me and many others. It helps me with my supplies and to pay those bills for those things I need in order to be a successful student and fulfill my dream of becoming a great nurse. Thank you very much.”

Cielo Romero
Miami Dade College
Nursing – Graduating 2021
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