Loan Programs


History: In 2011, MBF created a loan program to provide loans of $10,000 to $50,000 to City of Miami minority-owned businesses. In 2013, seeing the need for smaller loans with a simpler underwriting process, it launched a microloan program with loans from $2,500 to $10,000. In 2014, MBF partnered with Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) and through their State Small Business Initiative Loan Participation Program, MBF has been able to provide loans of up to $100,000. 

In 2016, prompted by the adverse effects of the Zika virus on businesses in certain areas of the City of Miami, MBF created the ZEAL (Zika Emergency Assistance Loan) program to ensure retention of jobs. In 2017, MBF raised its maximum loan to $75,000, or $150,000 with Enterprise Florida’s participation. In 2018, was chosen as development partner by the State of Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity to administer their Black Business Loan Program in Miami-Dade County. During 2020, MBF began working with Florida First Capital Finance Corporation on loan participations.

All the loan programs aim to stimulate economic development in Miami by helping minority-owned businesses grow and create or maintain jobs.
Since 2011, the Miami Bayside Foundation has awarded 139 loans totaling more 7.2 million to minority-owned businesses in the Miami helping create more than 450 jobs.

2020 was a very challenging year for our community. Minority-owned small businesses were particularly hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. MBF worked closely with their clients and with community partners to meet the surge in demand for financial relief. MBF partnered with the Dade County Federal Credit Union and two other CDFI’s (Ascendus and BBIF) to manage Miami-Dade County’s RISE Miami-Dade Fund program, which made loans of $30,0000 available to small businesses that had not benefitted from prior COVID relief funds. A total of 890 loans were funded for $18.3M during a six-month period; 428 of those were processed by MBF for a total of $8.6M. 


Arcons, LLC d/b/a Larcons Recruitment & Consulting

Larcons Recruitment & Consulting provides recruitment services for permanent placement or temporary hires. Prior to establishing Larcons, Eduardo Alarcon worked for Robert Half International in the management resources division where he placed senior executives in roles such as CFOs, CTOs, Controllers, Senior Auditors and Senior Compliance Officers. He then founded two other employment agencies that he eventually sold to his partners. By 2018, he created Arcons, LLC; but began focusing solely on recruitment in 2019.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the MBF and we are very grateful for their assistance. The MBF loan allowed us to expand and increase our reach. I highly recommend the organization to local startups and small businesses. Thanks!”
Eduardo Alarcon

Bay Cedar Hospitality Group, LLC D/B/A ittle litaly

Ittle Litaly is a vegan Italian restaurant that prides itself on its affordability and use of organic, vegan products. They are focused on providing healthy alternatives for pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and desserts. Owner and Head Chef, Daniel Trujillo, is a culinary professional with over 18 years of experience in premier hotels and upscale restaurants. His experience, mixed with his love for vegan and Italian food, prompted Trujillo to establish Ittle Litaly by 2018.

“There are no words that can describe the difficulty of being a restaurant owner during 2020. One of the toughest years of my life. I didn’t qualify whatsoever for any government support. Since the pandemic, 52% of restaurants have closed for good. Thanks to MBF, I can gratefully say that ittle litaly is not one of them. They believed in me when no one else did. With their courageous support not only have we been able to keep the doors open, sales have increased, and we’ve hired two new employees. We sincerely appreciate MBF for all the hard work and support. Much love from the ittle litaly team!”
Daniel Trujillo 

Barre Socks, LLC d/b/a The Tox Miami

The Tox specializes in lymphatic drainage and sculpting facials. It uses a proprietary technique created by Courtney Yeager, owner and CEO, that detoxifies the whole body with massage modalities that activate the lymph nodes, sending toxins to be disposed of through the lymphatic system. The Tox is a health and wellness procedure, as well as a beauty treatment. Courtney Yeager is an entrepreneur with a background in wellness and fitness spaces.

Beauty Moves Inc.

Founded by Raquel Buitrago, Jacqueline Calderon, Neilda Baron, and Marc Baron, Beauty Moves Inc. is packed with experienced professionals from the hospitality, beauty and health, and medical industries. Beauty Moves is a mobile med-spa business that provides high-end therapeutic massage and aesthetician services in a caring, convenient, upscale, and professional environment. The Beauty Moves experience is built on four pillars: mobile/convenient services, boutique/concierge service, high quality products, and a complete range of other services.

“The MBF loan made all of the difference for our start-up company.  The loan provided the resources which allowed us to open the doors – despite that fact that the Covid-19 pandemic closures were taking place simultaneously.  We are so grateful for MBF.”

Cami-Axle Construction Corp

Cami-Axle Construction Corporation is a family-owned-andoperated construction management and general contracting business proven to effectively execute and manage small and large residential, commercial, private, and public construction projects. Juan Fabian is a Civil Engineer and Certified General Contractor with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. in 2007, he founded Cami-Axle and, in 2013, brought his son Donny Fabian on board. Donny helped aggressively market Cami-Axle’s services and secure large-scale projects. Specializing in concrete work, Cami-Axle has operated successfully in the Miami area, working on construction projects of various sizes, budgets, and complexity.

“Working with MBF allowed us to accelerate the growth of our business by providing the timely funding needed to make some key hires and some much needed equipment purchases. The resources they provided went beyond funding; we also received guidance, connections and introductions. I am very glad we could be part of their portfolio of companies.” 
Donny Fabian

Cobo Construction Corp

Cobo Construction Corp is a Florida corporation established in 2003 that provides general contractor, construction manager, and project manager services. Based in Miami, the company develops and manages different types of residential projects, specializing in workforce housing. The company also has a team dedicated to commercial and high-end residential remodeling. Alex Cobo, the owner, is a Civil Engineer and Project Manager with a master’s in construction management, as well as an MBA. Giannina Minervini, CFO, also holds an MBA and has 30 years of experience developing affordable housing in Miami-Dade.

The Miami Bayside Foundation provided support at a critical time when Cobo Construction needed a small Working Capital boost, while most banks would not provide working capital to us. The financial exercise we did with Mike Sellinger (who did an in depth analysis of our operation) and Sara Asher, helped us visualize how to put this loan to work for us.

Thanks to this, the company has been in a better position to respond to the opportunities arising as we return to normal after Covid. We are grateful for the support from MBF and appreciate the importance of their work assisting small businesses in Miami.”

Alex Cobo

Coma Miami, LLC d/b/a Minds Cowork

Minds Cowork is a co-working and personal office space that is home to a wide variety of artists and creative entrepreneurs in the heart of Wynwood. Their focus is to connect each member to valuable networks, individuals, and ideas through unique events and advisory meetings. Minds Cowork also provides amenities such as coffee, Wi-Fi, and printing services to encourage productivity. Juan Youssef received his Executive MBA from the University of Miami in 2017, before founding Minds Cowork in 2018.

“Miami Bayside Foundation gave me the opportunity to grow my business and make my dreams come true”
Juan Youssef 

Creative Nails by Tommy, LLC d/b/a Hot Nail Spa

Hot Nail Spa is a full-service nail salon that provides additional spa amenities such as waxing and eyelash extensions. Owner, Tiffany Pham, supervises the employees while manager and husband, Tommy Tran, ensures customer satisfaction and is the face of Hot Nail Spa. They pride themselves on their slogan, “We love to see you smile!” Tiffany and Tommy established Hot Nail Spa in 2001 in on Calle Ocho and moved it to Hialeah in 2017. They opened a new location in South Miami in late 2020.

“MBF has been instrumental in the growth of our business. We are grateful for their continued support”
Tommy Pham 

DFI Cargo Logistics, LLC d/b/a Badass Mom Wine

Badass Mom Wine has created a non-alcoholic wines and spirits line that targets expecting mothers. While pregnant, founder Angelica Mendoza often felt excluded from social occasions. Realizing that other expecting mothers faced similar problems, she decided to create a 0.0% alcohol sparkling rose that tasted like real rose. She founded Badass Mom Wine in December 2019, importing her wines from Spain and dispatching orders from its online store. Angelica has an MBA and prior work experience as an international business consultant with experience in planning and promoting exports and foreign direct investment.

“I can’t put into words how amazing the support of the Miami Bayside Foundation has been. From the training programs to our small business loan; I am grateful to have the support of this great organization”
Angelica Mendoza 

Draxee Holdings Corp*

Draxee Holdings Inc. (Draxee) provides digital marketing services including social media management, content creation, marketing consulting, advertising, and logo design. Draxee offers clients, small to mid-size companies, a monthly social media management plan. Owner, Latiesha Rivera, has a Master’s degree in marketing from Florida International University and multiple marketing technology certifications.

“I wasn’t sure how I would receive additional assistance to jumpstart my business. With help from the Miami Bayside Foundation, I’ve been able to grow DRAXEE Holdings Inc., and received several resources that will take my brand to new heights. Thank you to everyone at MBF for their support!”
LaTiesha Rivera

Ebony Smith & Assoc. Inc.*

Ebony Smith & Associates, Inc. is a boutique training and development firm specializing in VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) work environments. Founded by Ebony Smith, the company provides services in the areas of foresight strategy, coaching, facilitation, and talent development. Ebony Smith is an Executive Corporate Coach, Trainer, and Mastermind Facilitator with a proven ability to work with clients who are motivated to grow in leadership and increase personal development skills.

“There have been many factors that have contributed to my company’s growth. But the two, I rely upon consistently are community and learning. Miami Bayside Foundation, as a CDFI, is key part of helping entrepeneurs in Miami connect, learn, and scale. MBF has provided workshops and loans. As a business owner financing relationships matter, having a local partner power our pivot during 2020 was essential for sustainability.”
Ebony Smith

Embrace The Layover, LLC*

Established on 2020, Embrace the Layover, LLC is a casual clothing brand that focuses on comfortable, leisure clothing that is ideal for traveling, lounge, and casual outings. The company’s goal is to be THE BRAND for travel merchandise; this goal does not just end with merchandise, Embrace the Layover is determined to coordinate with hotels, resorts, and excursions to give travelers the best experience for their next adventure. The owner, Marvin Scholz, has a Bachelor of Arts with a Minor in Marketing. He is a gifted and inspirational writer, successful at building relationships with customers to increase the likelihood of repeated business, and is passionate about helping others and making a difference.

“No dream is ever accomplished without the help of many. Since I’ve received the MBF loan, I’ve managed to focus on making my dream come true. I’ve managed to bring on more help, purchase more material and focus on production and perfecting my company. I am grateful for everyone at MBF. I’ve received the loan in the most urgent time of my business. With COVID and my finances struggling, the loan was what kept me afloat, kept me alive. I’ve grown my business, and I am on the right track.”
Marvin Scholtz

First Us Linen Service Corp.

First US Linen Service Corp (‘First US Linen’) is a commercial laundry company providing linen services to hospitality businesses across Miami-Dade County. First US Linen’s vision is to lead with superior customer service, competitive prices, and flexible laundering technology. Odette Trigo and Jose Vasconcellos decided to open their own commercial laundry location in November 2017. Odette ran another laundromat for over 10 years prior to 2017. Trigo gained expertise in growing and diversifying commercial laundry accounts, expanding delivery services, and even managed to be successful during the 2008 recession.

“The Miami Bayside Foundation was a huge blessing. Both the loan and training programs gave me the assets to help me grow and scale my business. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”
Odette Trigo

Hat Attack, Inc.*

Hat Attack, Inc. opened its first store at Bayside in 1995. Hat Attack sold a wide variety of sports themed baseball caps, straw and novelty hats. After expanding the store’s offerings to include personalized Miami hats and souvenirs, the store was renamed “I Luv Miami”. Over the years, the company has opened additional stores, stalls, and carts at Bayside, selling a variety of products including in-line skates, men’s casual and resort wear, and women’s fashion handbags. In 2015 these efforts were consolidated into the current 1,200 square feet “I Luv Miami” souvenir and gift store. The store owners are Norris and Sharon Gibson, who both have over 25 years of retail experience and own a similar concept store at Union Station in Washington, D.C.

“We are thankful to have found the Miami Bayside Foundation. We feel truly blessed to be associated with them”
Norris and Sharon Gibson 

LCN Group Inc.*

LCN Group, INC is a State Certified General Contractor with their head office located in Miami, Florida. The company is a real estate development and construction business specializing in commercial housing developments in Miami at affordable prices. Since 2014, Leighton Brown has been operating as sole owner. LCN serves as a sub-contractor on large scale private and public construction projects in Miami-Dade including the Liberty Square public housing project.

Lean Orb Co.

Anastasia Mikhalochkina is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lean Orb. Prior to starting Lean Orb in 2017, she ran her own marketing agency. Additionally, from 2016 to 2019, Anastasia focused on a variety of leadership positions including Advisory Board of the March for Science Miami Chapter and Sustainability Advocate at the Miami Girls Foundation. Anastasia graduated from WIN Lab Miami in 2017. Since 2018, Lean Orb has been manufacturing and selling compostable/disposable packaging items and catering supplies. They provide businesses with alternatives to single-use plastic. The company’s products are technologically advanced, high-quality, yet affordable solutions.

“It takes an organization such as Miami Bayside Foundation that doesn’t dismiss minority founders, young businesses, impact-driven projects but rather gives them a chance to change the status quo. The loan had allowed us to market the company to a greater audience and expand our sales team. Besides the loan, their team has connected us to potential clients and strategic partners.”
Anastasia Mikhalochkina

LL Hospitality Company, LLC

After many years of experience in the kitchens of Alba Seaside Italian, Naked Taco, Naked Lunch, STK South Beach, and Gulfstream Park with celebrity chef Ralph Pagano, Lisetty Llampalla decided that it was finally her time to open her own restaurant. Doce Provisions (‘Doce’) creates a dining experience that focuses on South Floridian artisanal dishes. Located in Little Havana, Doce Provisions serves a creatively crafted menu that also honors its local Cuban heritage.

“MBF has given me the opportunity to expand my business, invest in marketing, and redo our branding and website; the experience and staff are top notch and professional! Thank you So happy to be part of the MBF Family!”
Lisetty Llampalla

Luxe Fête Social Inc.*

Established in 2018 by Nathalie Cadet-James, Luxe Fête Social provides customers with an at home themed dinner party experience. Nathalie was an established attorney whose passion for event planning led her to establish a career in that field and to found Luxe Fete Inc. in 2010. She was named as a top planner in the US by Bridal Magazine and Harper Bazaar Magazine. In 2019, Nathalie expanded into Luxe Fete Social, a “dinner party in a box” which includes themed table settings and décor in addition to conversation starters and Spotify music playlists. The company creates an effortless luxurious at-home dining experience.

“Receiving the MBF Loan in the height of the COVID Pandemic allowed me to pivot our Dinner Party in a Box business model to one that is e-commerce based and scalable. I could not be more grateful to this community-based foundation, for actually investing the community. Because of them we are on our way to changing the way America dines and connects. Thank you for believing in us and being a part of our journey.” 
Nathalie Cadet-James

Netwire Solutions, LLC*

NetWire is a trademarked South Florida based technology solutions provider that offers high speed internet service, Wi-Fi, telephone and network services. The company provides competitively priced technology solutions to the Business to Business (B2B) sector and is continuously expanding the footprint in the Business to Consumer (B2C) market. Both B2B and B2C market segments have become more dependent upon technology to provide operational efficiency. NetWire is a collaborative effort, started by Frank Tucker and Michael German. Majority owner, Frank Tucker, has a Master of Science in Information Technology and over twenty years of experience providing software, telecommunications, and technology services to businesses. Michael German is a Certified Network Engineer who previously founded MBG Consultants, providing installation, service, and support for business computer networks.

Miami Bayside Foundation provided a competent and professional experience to assist us with attaining funds to navigate a challenging business climate.” 
Frank Tucker

Passionfire, LLC*

Passionfire Enterprises LLC was founded in 2015 as an umbrella enterprise for various ventures including music performance, real estate investment, training services, and education management consulting. In May 2020, Haute Punk Boutique was launched, providing unique and expressive accessories for purchase online. The business is a startup fashion online retail company that offers a range of high-quality garments and accessories for women at affordable prices. Egheosa Igbinoba, the owner, holds a Doctor of Education Leadership, with over 20 years of experience working as a Public-School educator and as an Adult Vocational Trainer or non-profit community organizations in Maryland.

Process Design and Development, LLC

Process Design and Development is a business consulting company that helps businesses identify areas negatively affecting profitability and growth and then develop practical and technically sound solutions. Carmen Baker, Founder and CEO, is an accomplished executive consultant with over 20 years of experience in management and professional services. Carmen founded the company in 2012 and has been helping her clients develop the strategies and operating platforms required to deliver consistent growth and profitability ever since.

“MBF was our “lifeline” through the COVID-19 health crisis that turned into an economic crisis. Working with MBF allowed us at PD2 to maintain and grow as a company and professionally as an entrepreneur and small business owner. The resources they provide go beyond funding; we are beyond grateful to be part of their portfolio of companies.” 
Carmen Viera Baker 

Richardson Law Group, LLC*

Jean Richardson grew up in North Miami, Florida. He attended primary, middle, and high school in Miami and started at Miami-Dade College prior to joining the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1992. In 2012, after over 20 years of distinguished service, Jean retired from military service and attended Stetson University, College of Law in Gulfport, Florida where he earned his Juris Doctorate Degree. Jean began his legal career as an Assistant State Attorney with the 6th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office. After a successful term at the State Attorney’s office, Jean Richardson moved into private practice, opening Richardson Law Group, where he built a thriving practice that specializes in criminal defense, family law, and immigration and personal injury law. In 2020, Jean achieved his ultimate goal and was finally able to move back to North Miami to serve the community where he grew up.

The Jones Companies, LLC

The Jones Company is a management consulting firm focused on recruiting. They serve small and mid-sized companies in structural management decisions across all departments and industries. The main services offered by the company are: recruitment, organizational design, and leadership training. The Jones Company was founded in 2015 by Yonnick Jones. Yonnick has extensive experience in sales, people management, and leadership training.

“First I would like to thank the Miami Bayside Foundation for giving companies like mine an opportunity to thrive.  The loan helped tremendously especially during a very turbulent time in the business world with a Pandemic.  The technical assistance also gave a valued perspective on how business can be conducted in a proper manner.  We look forward to continuing this partnership with the MBF team in the future.”
Yonnick Jones

The McGill Law Firm, LLC*

Owner, David McGill, is a sole-practitioner attorney specializing in labor and employment law for over 15 years. David is an experienced civil litigator who has handled high profile cases and clients in Florida and throughout the world. He established The McGill Law firm in 2016 and represents clients in cases of discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination. David is a graduate of the University of Miami Law School and a member of numerous bar associations. He also has a background in Family Law and Entertainment Law.

“Miami Bayside Foundation allowed us to expand our services to the community and has given our firm the flexibility to handle legal issues of low income and indigent clients.”
David McGill

Tramites de Inmigracion USA Corp

Established on January 1, 2017, Tramites de Inmigracion USA, Corp is an immigration services agency focused on the Hispanic population. The company’s mission is to assist immigrants in managing the legal documents and immigration procedures of the United States of America. Paola Diaz, President of Tramites de Inmigracion USA, Corp, earned a degree in Paralegal Studies in Miami, Florida. Paola was inspired to begin the business after having gone through a long and challenging process to obtain her green card and then bring her two children to the United States.

“We are very grateful for the help to this distinguished organization for having been great.  Support in the 2020 pandemic and have helped our company maintain the strength to move forward. Forever eternally grateful”
Paola Diaz

Valor Homecare, LLC

Valor Homecare, LLC provides home health services to patients enrolled in a variety of federal, state, and privately funded programs. They have a network of registered and licensed nurses, therapists and aides committed to delivering care in the areas of specialty nursing, therapy, telehealth, personal care and more. In 2019, Humberto de la Osa, owner and Administrator, founded Valor Homecare. Humberto has deep knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry and received his MBA in Health Care Management from FIU.

“MBF made it possible for small businesses like us to succeed and be capitalized during a global pandemic. We are forever grateful!”
Humberto de la Osa

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