In the early 1980s, prior to the ground-breaking of Bayside Marketplace, the City of Miami and Bayside Marketplace developer Jim Rouse began discussing ideas for an organization that would support minority entrepreneurs in the City of Miami. In 1986, MBF was created from this partnership as a means to revitalize and serve the City of Miami’s downtown economic core. Currently, MBF advances economic development throughout Miami-Dade County through the support of minority businesses and education.

MBF provides minority and women-owned businesses in Miami access to funds through its loan programs. It also provides valuable business tools and resources, such as counseling and training in business development and management and other related services, through its Small Business Training and workshops and through partnerships with local community organizations also engaged in economic development.

MBF supports education for minority students through its vocational and educational scholarships and grants. MBF currently has scholarship endowments at Miami Dade College, Florida International University (FIU), and Florida Memorial University (FMU). It also supports Breakthrough Miami, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), the Golden Scholars Program at FIU, the Education Fund, St. Alban’s Child Enrichment Center, the YWCA, and the Little Haiti Optimist Club among others. It has created a scholarship program for all City of Miami Public high schools and for students at George T. Baker Aviation Technical College and Lindsey Hopkins Technical College.


MBF is a nonprofit organization designed to advance economic development in Miami through the support of minority businesses and education.

MBF seeks to do this through the creation and administration of loan programs for minority businesses, through the creation of programs and educational scholarships for minorities, and by providing technical assistance to minority-owned businesses.

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