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In 2012, MBF formed an educational partnership with Breakthrough Miami, awarding a gift of $50,000 to be disbursed over five years. In 2018, MBF renewed its commitment to Breakthrough with a second five-year $50,000 gift. Breakthrough Miami is an award-wining organization that provides a tuition-free, eight-year academic enrichment program to motivated students from disadvantaged communities in the 5th to 12th grades.

Over the past eight years 85% of Breakthrough Scholars continued through the second year of college, a key benchmark in college completion.

Breakthrough was able to continue serving all students remotely and to deliver high quality virtual teaching to meet the evolving needs of students and families. Eighty one percent of Breakthrough scholars reported being prepared for virtual learning for the upcoming school year due to Breakthrough Miami Summer Institute and 83% reported Breakthrough exposed them to opportunities they would not receive in school.

“Celebrating thirty years as an Opportunity Generator in our community, Breakthrough Miami is aligned with the vision and goals of the Miami Bayside Foundation to ensure traditionally marginalized students across our City catch their dreams. Our evidence-based students-teachingstudents model is proven to empower students to thrive in academically rigorous programs, enter and graduate from college. Support from Miami Bayside Foundation opens doors of opportunity and together we are advancing a cycle of promise.”

Lori-Ann M. Cox
Chief Executive Officer
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